COMMUNITY: BUILD, CREATE, SUPPORT. Community: it is what we are all about. Our company prides itself on our commitment to the community around us. We build communities with our real estate development projects. But our commitment goes beyond our real estate efforts. Through our hospitality endeavours we strive to create communities. We provide a place for people to live, work and play; relax and enjoy a sense of togetherness. The people that surround us are our lifeblood and we are committed to giving back to the very community that supports our company. Our philanthropic efforts are dedicated to undertaking meaningful and focused initiatives to strengthen those that surround us. After all, we are all part of the same community and we believe that a good community is not the next big thing; it’s the last good thing.

Real Estate

West Point is committed to creating a legacy of strengthening the communities that we all live in. Our developments maintain a small town feel, to promote a sense of belonging for our residents. Let us welcome you to your new home.



Our hospitality ventures are focused on creating an experience. West Point is proud to be part of two of the most notable franchises in Canada. We want to be part of your next memory by providing a place to gather and enjoy friendly service and good quality food.


West Point has a history of involvement in various charitable initiatives. We recognize that without the support of our communities we would not be where we are today so we want to give back to our community – it’s really that simple.