Our purpose is to build & support those who support us – our community.

Our rewards come from helping people feel proud to live, work and play in our communities. Based in Kelowna, BC, we are inspired by the energy and opportunities of our growing city and the chance to give back.

Our TeamPhilanthropy

About the West Point team.

We surround ourselves with good people doing good things. We have a small but passionate team, and a wider network of like minded professionals who also value growing with intention. We all aim for excellence in the projects we stand behind. To us, excellence is about more than just creating a good product; excellence is about creating a lasting experience and meaningful relationships.

Supporting people in our communities.

At West Point, we believe in supporting people in our communities because we understand that driving the success of any company is the community that supports it. As we grow, so does our commitment to giving back. West Point has been involved with the establishment of a Neo-Natal room in Grande Prairie and part of the Intercultural Women’s Education Network.

Whether we are giving back, fulfilling needs or raising awareness – our philanthropic effort is fundamental to the vision of our company.

Charity Involvement

At West Point Projects we are proud of our work and proud to be a part of your community.

West Point has a history of involvement in various charitable initiatives. We recognize that without the support of our communities we would not be where we are today so we want to give back to our community – it’s really that simple.

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