Commercial Projects

We believe in putting the community first.

From an innovative new downtown storage provider to a longstanding premium boat dealer, we pursue commercial projects with intention and passion. By prioritizing how we can better a community now and for years to come, we are building a future Kelowna we are all proud of.

A focus on long-term impact.

We value projects by more than margins; we care about how we can make a lasting difference. Analyzing and anticipating city needs is just the start. In downtown Kelowna, Spacious Storage on Ellis supports a flourishing condo community while Flagship Marine next door helps residents enjoy the timeless thrill of boating.

A thoughtful, holistic approach.

We believe in drawing on the insights of many to ensure a project’s success. With decades of experience as developers and strong industry relationships, we engage a range of consultants early on to ensure all perspectives are considered in our strategy.

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Supporting a thriving downtown Kelowna

Our sister companies Spacious Storage on Ellis and Flagship Marine share a common goal: to help residents make the most of their lifestyle. The newly constructed Spacious offers just-right indoor storage, digital access tools and friendly staff from a beautifully lit building while Flagship harnesses a legacy of exceptional boats and service to inspire unforgettable moments on the water.

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Spacious Storage on Ellis

Flagship Marine