Points West Living

Project Type: Residential Development

Status: Complete

Points West Living residents enjoy a healthful blend of independence, social activity and high-quality personalized care in a friendly, caring assisted living community … designed with resident’s well being in mind! In Points West home in your neighbourhood you’ll find a comfortable, accessible, residents-focused setting, with a healthy mix of private and community living. The staff are caring professionals who are dedicated to helping residents thrive in an environment that supports and honours their abilities and contributions.

Project Highlights

There are 14 Points West communities throughout Alberta providing transitional long term care for the Senior population in partnership with Alberta Health Services. Rooted in hospitality, knowledge, dignity and individuality, Points West is committed to building person centred communities.


Throughout Alberta,
Saskatchewan and BC

Technical Information


The partners at West Point Projects have extensive experience in residential developments.

From multi-family development projects to mixed-use developments and including senior residential facilities- our team has a history of creating communities where people want to live.

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