Residential Development

Our goal is to enrich the everyday lives of our community members for years to come.

Since 2015 we’ve been creating multi-family and mixed-use developments across BC. What they all have in common is a deep commitment to strengthening and serving our communities.

Everyone deserves to feel at home.

At West Point, we approach residential projects differently. By focusing first on the needs of residents, we foster a lasting sense of community pride. Our real reward comes from helping people and neighbourhoods flourish.

Strategic Partnerships

West Point is a thoughtful, collaborative company that leverages the expertise of a wider team to ensure every project’s longevity.

After creating a strong foundation in our early years with partners, we are proud to independently continue a tradition of developing the highest quality homes with excellence and care.

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Akin Kelowna - Residential community with unmatched amenities

A Legacy of Inspiring Great Communities

With our reputation for creating community-minded residential developments, our buildings often sell out before completion. When a project is a rental, we focus not on filling the building quickly, but on finding residents who will make a great fit.

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Akin Kelowna

Glenmore Central

Townsite Road, Nanaimo